Distance Learning

This course is designed to meet the needs of experienced PMDPro1 qualified staff who have implemented their learning and would like to develop their skills and gain a qualification that shows they have reached a practitioner level in PMDPro. this on- and off-line course will prepare learners who have access to a reliable internet connection to take the PMDPro2 exam.

Participants in LINGOs’ 4-week blended learning program will spend approximately eight hours per week,

  • Three hours per week in virtual classroom training and coaching
  • Five hours using a variety of structured off-line reading, using self-paced eLearning resources, participating in a virtual community of practice and completing a number of assignments.

The content is based on the PMD Pro1 Guide (free download from www.pm4ngos.org).

Upon completion of this course, all participants will be prepared to complete and pass the PMD Pro2 certification examination. In addition, all participants who complete all the assignments will get a certificate of completion. The 4-week course will focus on looking at situations and scenarios and discussing how a project manager might apply and adapt the tools and techniques within PMDPro to successful deliver quality projects on time, on budget and on scope.

Price Per Participant of US $325 – For people in de Developing World

(Please check this list: Countries classified as in the Developing World by USAID)

Price Per Participant of US $395 – For people in the Developed World

(For group registrations from 10 to 15 staff members from an Organization, there is a 10% discount.)

The course fee includes all classes, access to all materials including self-paced modules and community site and instructor coaching. (Course fee does not include certification exam fee). Participants will also receive a project management capacity assessment tool that they can use with their own projects and organizations.

These courses can hold a maximum of 40 registered students (so there is plenty of space for everyone). If there are insufficient numbers however this event, registered students will be notified and credit card payments will be refunded.

View the dates for PMD Pro courses here.

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