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LINGOs was the convener and co-author of the Project Management for Development Professionals certification (PMD Pro) and has trained more development professionals in effective project management practice than anyone else in our sector.

Developed by and for NGOs, PMD Pro is now a de-facto global standard for project management that has reached over 16,000 development professionals at organizations such as Catholic Relief Services, Save the Children, FHI 360, UNICEF and DFID; and over 80% of the certifications were earned by people working in a low or middle income country—building capability where it matters most. Learn more about PMD Pro here.

This link will take you to the latest PMD Pro Guide.

Our Approach—More than a Training Course

At LINGOs, we don’t believe that anyone escapes poverty because a development worker received a certification. Yet, when organizations approach project management holistically, projects can be delivered on time, on budget, with increased transparency and improved outcomes—benefits that accrue to communities, donors, and the organization.

Our four-step process

Step 1: Needs Analysis

What are the challenges and lagging indicators? What existing tools and approaches exist? Which countries and regions are priorities? What is the existing skill level of staff? We’ll share out project management capacity assessment document to guide the process.

Step 2: Capacity Building Program Design and Delivery

We can custom configure a program for any organization that is adapted to the identified needs, audience, delivery formats, and budgets. We will recommend a solution based on a range of learning formats, modalities, and in five languages.

Step 3: Build internal capacity

Our goal is not to maximize the amount of training we deliver but to maximize the number of organizations who have adopted PMD Pro and have the internal leadership and capability to continually improve their projects.

Step 4: Adaptation, Contextualization and Extension

Most organizations have their own approaches and methodologies for delivering a development solution. Once you have a foundation of trained staff, we can help with adapting the PMD Pro to your organization, contextualizing to specific challenges or regions or country programs, or mapping it to other processes.

Contact us to get started.

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