Self Study Plan

Project Services recommended study route:

  1. Print off the Guide — You will need to read the guide and refer to it in all other learning activities. This is your single most important learning tool.
  2. Methodically work through the study schedule below.
  3. Take the practice exam to get used to the questions and style
  4. Purchase exam form APMG and become qualified.
Stage 1
Topics Introduction (PMDPro Model, Principals, Disciplines, Competencies)
PMDPro Guide Reading Section 1 Projects in the development Sector
Online Module Module 1: Introduction to Project Management
Stage 2
Topics Project ID & Design
PMDPro Guide Reading Section 2 Phases of a Development Project ; Discipline 5 Project Justification Management
Online Module Module 2: Project Identification and Design
Stage 3
Topics Project Start-Up
PMDPro Guide Reading Section 3 Project Set Up ; Discipline 4 Risk Management ; Discipline 6 Stakeholder Management
Online Module Module 3: Project Set Up
Stage 4
Topics Project Planning
PMDPro Guide Reading Phase 3 Project Planning ; Discipline 1 Scope Management
Online Module Module 4: Project Planning
Stage 5
Topics Project Implementation
PMDPro Guide Reading Phase 4 Project Implementation ; Discipline 2 Time Management
Online Module Module 5: Project Implementation
Stage 6
Topics Monitoring and Evaluation
PMDPro Guide Reading Phase 5 Project Monitoring and Control ; Discipline 3 Project Resource Management
Online Module Module 6: Project Monitoring, Evaluation and Control
Stage 7
Topics Project Transition
PMDPro Guide Reading Phase 6 End of Project Transition
Online Module Module 7: End of Project Transition
Stage 8
Topics Exam Preparation and Adaption
PMDPro Guide Reading Section 4 Adapting the PMDPro
Online Learning Take the sample exam (as many times as you need to)

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