Who is PMDPro for?

Project management for development professionals (PMDPro) is designed for anyone who works on or wishes to work on projects in a development setting and is the only project management qualification contextualised for the sector.

How do I study for PMDPro?

There are numerous ways you can study PMDPro we provide self-lead, blended and face to face training and have trained more people in PMDPro than anyone else! however there are other providers.

What is the value of the PMDPro Certificate?

PMDPro is the only specialised certification scheme for Project Managers working in the development sector. The value of the scheme is that not only does it cover the essentials of NGO project management but it is also aligned with existing internationally recognized project management standards. The certification and accreditation is awarded by the world renowned APMG.

How do I take the Exam?

The exam is taken online and can be purchase with a credit card. There are 75 multiple choice questions that must be answered in the set time limit, you will all so need to provide an invigilator (someone who has ensured you have taken the exam correctly and not cheated!). Once you have passed your exam you will be emailed you certificate

What qualifications do I need to have to study PMDPro?

You don’t need any qualifications to study for PMDPro. Experience with project work or the NGO sector would be advantages but is not necessary. PMDPro1 is a prerequisite of taking PMDPro2

What is the difference between PMDPro1 and PMDPro2?

PMDPro1 is about learning the language, tools, and principals within PMDPro and proving you understand them. PMDPro2 is about being a practitioner of PMDPro and proves a much deeper understanding of how to use, adopt and adapt the framework.

What Languages can I take the exam in?

Currently the PMDPro Guide and exam is available in the following languages English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic

Can I adapt PMDPro?

One size rarely fits all and so PMDPro must be adapted to your project and environment. The final chapter of the guide stresses this.

How do I become a PMDPro trainer?

If you would like to become a trainer or would like us to train some trainers for your organisation we will be more than happy to assist you.

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