Training of Trainers

“We now have at least two trainers in each country to help us train each project manager and partner. We found developing our own trainers saved us money and allowed us to spread the knowledge more quickly than if we had relied solely on external trainers”

Program Manager – World Vision International

Deployment Considerations

Once an organization commits to using PMDPro as a tool for improving project management, it needs to consider a number of questions:

  • Which parts of PMDPro to adopt?
  • Which parts to adapt?
  • Where are the overlaps with existing processes?
  • How to we roll out a change program?
  • How do we train our staff?
  • How do we train out partners?
  • How will we manage our efforts?

Internal Trainers

Having PMDPro trainers within your organization can provide substantial help with adoption. With your own trainers, you have a way to build an internal capacity to cost effectively cascade learning and application of Project Management. In addition, as trainers develop their own knowledge and experience, they become a cadre of ‘go to’ people for project management advice. Because they know your organization’s business processes better than any consultant, they are ideally placed to help the process of adapting and adopting PMDPro tools to your organizational context.

Qualifications for PMD Pro Trainers

PMDPro trainers need to have passed PMDPro 1 with a pass of 80% or above (the minimum pass mark is 65%). Other criteria for choosing trainers include:

  • PMD Pro1 training should be a significant portion of his/her job description.
  • They must have training aptitude and/or experience.
  • A trainer should have significant experience in managing or working with development projects.
  • They need to have proven or high potential facilitation, people and training skills.
  • Trainers should be interested in continuing their knowledge of project management and are expected to move towards PMDPro 2.
  • They should not be ‘technology shy’ and should be willing to engage with new communications technologies.

Training of Trainers Courses

LINGOs offers Training of Trainers courses. The TOT course consists of:

  • Pre-work
  • An intensive training session on key training techniques and the content of the PMDPro training manual
  • A series of delivery and feedback exercises that improve particpant performance and build confidence
  • eLearning skills for delivering blended course
  • Post-Instruction Coaching


Date: Subject to availability

Price: US $10450 (10% discount available to all LINGOs members)

Location: of your choice

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