Face to Face Training

This training course is designed to meet the needs of experienced PMDPro1 qualified staff who have implemented their learning and would like to develop their skills and gain a qualification that shows they have reached a practitioner level in PMDPro. this on- and off-line course will prepare learners who have access to a reliable internet connection to take the PMDPro2 exam.

This intensive course consists of

  • A review of the content of the 5 day PMDPro1 course
  • Experience sharing and group learning around PMDPro implementation and adaptions. As well a
  • A series of intensive sessions that equip project managers the tools and techniques to deliver high value, quality projects as well as fixing and save struggling projects
  • Preparation for taking the PMDPro2 exam

This course is highly interactive and will prepare individual learners and teams to deliver better projects, become more qualified and provide a space to share and learn from other project managers.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]


Date: Subject to availability

Price: US $14520 (10% discount available to all LINGOs members)

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