Data Controller

The person who (either alone or with others) decides what personal information LINGOs will hold and how it will be held or used.

Data Protection Officer

The person(s) responsible for ensuring that LINGOs follows its data protection policy and complies with laws and regulations regarding the protection of data.

Individual/Service User

The person whose personal information is being held or processed by LINGOs for example: a client, an employee, or supporter.

Is a freely given, specific and informed agreement by an Individual/Service User in the processing of personal information about her/him. Explicit consent is needed for processing sensitive data.


Notifying the appropriate bodies.


Means collecting, amending, handling, storing or disclosing personal information.

Personal Information

Information about living individuals that enables them to be identified – e.g. name and address. It does not apply to information about organisations, companies and agencies but applies to named persons, such as individual volunteers or employees within LINGOs.

Sensitive data

Refers to data about: • Racial or ethnic origin • Political affiliations • Religion or similar beliefs • Trade union membership • Physical or mental health • Sexuality • Criminal record or proceedings

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